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Pickle Company in India

40 +

Distribution Network in Countries

amla pickle


Production Facilities

ISO 22000:2005 Certified

Quality checks at every step in the production process.


Company Owned Outlets in AP & TS

678 SKUs.

196 varieties of products in 10 categories.

Popular Categories


Priya Food presents a unique range of masalas with Non-Veg & Veg flavours drawn from popular recipes of AP & TS & other regions of India.



Priya Foods offers 32 variants of pickles. From the timeless mango to the tangy lemon, quintessential coriander to teasing mixed vegetable pickle.



Priya powders are packaged to offer the ultimate aroma and come in for varieties of ground spices made from the best ingredients.


Ready to Eat

Priya Foods offers an extensive menu of ready-to-eat foods gifting the hearty and homely feel to every meal.


Instant Mixes

Priya Foods instant mixes presents Idlies to Pesarattus, Upma to Utappam besides yummy Kheer and Gulab Jamun.


Thanks a lot Priya foods for giving us a very tasty and delicious food items really we like it very much

Syed Jameel

Quality & taste both are very good. So I like it & every one like it

Mahendra Verma

Priya Foods are unique and special in our lives. Our day starts with Priya also ends with Priya. Our daily breakfast starts with Priya Instant mixes and pickles and our dinner also ends with various products. We use various masala’s in our menu, a lots of sweets like the yummy gulabjamun, a variety of pickles and instant mixes. Our life incomplete without Priya foods

Neelima Pagolu

So many varieties and so much delicious

Pankaj Agarwal

Very nice. Having good quality product. I like sooo much.

Taj Johnson

Priya pachallu ante naa praanam to samaanam aa ruchi gurinchi enta cheppinaasare takkuve

Tatarao Munakala

P - Pure, R-Real, I- Indian, Y-Yummy, A-Ate

Jitendra Bhattacharya

It is not a brand , it is trust also

Anish Dhariwal Sirsa

PRIYA Foods is bringing back our child hood feed by mother memories

Venkateswara Rao

Super products

Devender Labhishetty

“I do hereby to tell you the wordings from my heart, I am the guy who "lives to eat" and also I am from food industry but I didn't get Same taste anywhere. I just want to tell, your product "tomato pickle without garlic" is so awesome I have been eating it from my childhood days. Keep making it with same formula.”

Pranjul Gaur

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