Millets have arrived at last to claim their rightful place and space on the dining table after spending years in obscurity, or stored in some dark, shadowy kitchen cabinets, half-forgotten and barely noticed. Now those dreary, non-descript times are gone forever, thankfully a thing of the past.

Today everyone is rooting for millets as a wonder food. Some even talk about it of as a small and mighty super-hero. And it is so true, believe it or not! One reason for their growing popularity, is that millets are a rich source of micronutrients, fibre, proteins and antioxidants.

But what are the reasons behind these wonder foods to suddenly pop up out of the blues and flex their muscles? The gradual shift towards health, nutrition and fitness has triggered a tremendous upsurge in awareness about what we eat and how, mainly on account of radical lifestyle changes.

When you break it down, millets certainly pack a solid punch. Take a look for yourself: Millets contain 7-12% protein, 2-5% fat, 65-75% carbohydrates and 15-20% dietary fibre. The essential amino acid profile of the millet protein is better than that of various cereals such as maize.

But there are many more bonuses along the way, if you care to take a look. Millets are gluten free and non- allergenic. Their consumption decreases triglycerides and C- reactive protein, and therefore prevents cardiovascular disease. 

All millets are rich in dietary fibre and unlike staple food grains like wheat and rice, their cultivation is incredibly sustainable. It also benefits our bodies by strengthening our immunity, keeping diseases in check, and aiding weight loss.

But for Generation Next and for people on the go, priorities have changed. They want foods that can be made and served quickly, without any fuss and hassles, and yet retain all the delicious, wholesome goodness of a regular, home-cooked food. Remember, like the kind our mums and grandmas could rustle up like magic at any time.

Now there is whole new range of wholesome meals that can be cooked and served in next to no time. And Priya has taken the lead with their selection of Quick Foods, a wonderful mix of taste and comfort, without any compromise on health and nutrition.

Their selection includes:

(1) Quick Pulihora Poha - a delightfully wholesome anytime meal, good for the whole family. A favourite in all South Indian homes. When you’re feeling puckish, just empty the contents in a bowl and add hot water – your meal is ready. 

(2).Quick Upma: Experience a simple and hearty snack in a pack, that is downright sumptuous and healthy

(3) Quick Poha: A quintessential Maharashtrian treat now in a handy pack, with a tantalizing mix of tangy, spicy, sweet and nutty flavours.

(4) Quick Miillet Upma: Tickle your taste buds with a pack of this signature snack. Perfect at any time!

(5) Quick Millet Poha: Indulge in the goodness of ragi, bajra and jowar – three superfoods all in one pack, together with crunchy nuts.

So in the end it is clear as daylight that Priya Foods is a market leader that aims to give people with a discerning palate the true taste of traditional home-cooked you can relish over and over again, especially with their Quick Foods.