There's something magical about those summer holidays, isn't there? The laughter echoing through the halls, the smell of traditional summer delicacies wafting from the kitchen, and, of course, the unmistakable wisdom of amamma reigning supreme.

Why amamma always seems to be right, especially when it comes to food. For many of us, summer holidays meant packing our bags and heading straight to amamma's house. It was a time filled with excitement and anticipation, knowing that delicious treats awaited us at every turn. There's an uncanny intuition in her cooking that goes beyond measurements and ingredients, leaving us wondering if she has a secret sixth sense for flavors.

Her kitchen wasn't just a place for cooking, it was a center of healing, where age-old traditions and natural ingredients converged to create potions that worked wonders. With an ancient mortar and pestle in hand, amamma would meticulously grind herbs and spices, infusing each blend. From cough syrups that promised relief on the coldest of nights to herbal teas that soothed troubled minds, every remedy bore the imprint of her expertise and care. And oh, how they worked!

From early morning walks to the nearby market to pick fresh produce to lazy afternoons spent lounging in the veranda, every moment was filled with the warmth of her love and care. The aroma of her cooking filled the air with a sense of anticipation and warmth, drawing family, friends, and sometimes neighbours together. Whipping up a delectable meal out of seemingly ordinary ingredients never ceases to amaze us, leaving us convinced that she holds the key to our stomachs and hearts.

One of the fondest memories of summer at amamma's house is undoubtedly the indulgent feasts she would prepare. From crispy dosas to tangy mango pickles, every meal left us licking our fingers and longing for more. And, oh, the desserts! Who could forget the heavenly aroma of her homemade sweets, tempting us to eat until we could barely keep our eyes open? It's no wonder we often find ourselves drifting off to sleep after a satisfying meal, like a baby.

But what was it about amamma's food that made it so irresistible? Perhaps it was her secret food combinations, carefully picked to complement each dish and enhance its flavors. Whether it was the spicy kick of her mango pickle or the tangy goodness of her lime pickle, every bite was a burst of nostalgia that transported us back to simpler times. She just knows what the right combination is and what’s right for our tummy during the summers. Her summer concoctions are liquid memories, capturing the essence of lazy afternoons and carefree laughter after a good play time with friends.

Amamma curated delicious food combinations with such care and precision. Through her food, she imparted lessons of love, tradition, and the importance of savoring life's simple pleasures. But it wasn't just the taste of the food that made it special, it was the experience of sharing it with loved ones. Summer holidays were a time for reunions and celebrations, and amamma's kitchen was always at the heart of it all.

So the next time you find yourself craving a taste of summer nostalgia, reach for a jar of Priya Pickle and let the memories wash over you like a warm summer breeze. After all, when it comes to food, amamma knows the best, and when it comes to pickles and masalas, we know the best.