Ever find yourself wishing you could whip up something deliciously authentic without spending all day over a hot stove? Well, we have your back with our fantastic range of cooking pastes that are about to become your new best friends in the kitchen.

You are now entering the world of flavors where cooking becomes not just easier but a whole lot more delightful. Priya Foods’ pastes are your secret ingredient to cooking mouth-watering dishes in a jiffy!

Let’s dive in and take a closer look

Unlock the world of aromas with quick and easy biryani

Biryani, every single Indian’s beloved dish known for its complexity and little explosions of taste, is made simple with Priya’s Biryani Masala Paste.

Picture this: you’re craving this scrumptious delicacy —that rich, soul-satisfying dish we all love. But let’s be honest, who has the time to prep all those spices? A spoonful of our paste, and you're all set. Rice, chicken, and this paste—bam! You’ve got yourself a meal that tastes like it’s been cooking for hours.

  • Delectable Shortcut: Skip grinding spices; just add this rich paste to rice and your choice of protein.
  • Steps to Perfection: Layer the ingredients, let them cook, and enjoy a fragrant dish ready to be relished.

Everyday veggies, extraordinary taste – Elevate your vegetarian dishes!

It’s Wednesday night. You’ve had a long day, and you’re looking for something simple yet comforting. Pick up Priya’s Veg Curry Masala Paste, and you’ll be able to serve a healthy dinner within 30 minutes!

Versatile Veggie Magic: Use Priya’s Veg Curry Masala Paste to turn any assortment of vegetables into a curry masterpiece.

Cooking Made Easy: Saute veggies, add the paste, simmer, and you’re done! This curry could rival your favorite restaurant!

No fuss non-veg feasts

Whenever you feel like taking the culinary wizard avatar, choose Priya’s Non-Veg Curry Masala Paste to conjure up a non-vegetarian feast that’s bold and beautiful, echoing the depth of Indian non-veg dishes that have been passed down through generations.

Extract Rich Essence: Elevate chicken, lamb, or seafood with our Non-Veg Curry Masala Paste.

Quick Recipe Tips: Cook your meat, stir in the paste, add water, and let it simmer—your aromatic curry is ready to impress the family!

Tangy twists with instant pulihora!.

Priya’s Instant Pulihora Paste isn’t just about ease and quick fixes; it’s about injecting a burst of tamarind zest into your meal that’s refreshing and reviving, much like the first rain on parched earth.

Instant Flavor Bomb: Give plain cooked rice a tangy makeover with Instant Pulihora Paste.

Why You’ll Love It: It’s perfect for a quick lunch fix or when you need a yummy dish that’s both fast and easy to make, and outstandingly delicious to savor.


With our pastes, you can easily bring the diversity of Indian cuisine into your home. These pastes bring convenience to traditional cooking, enabling everyone to enjoy healthy, rich, and authentic flavors without any hassle.

With Priya Foods, every meal becomes a celebration of taste and tradition!