Summer is when the days stretch lazily, the streets come alive with the tinkling bells of ice gola carts, and the kids are off on their new learnings and adventures in their summer camps. The time for extra fun and some extra snacks. Amidst the culinary delights served on our plates, there's one ingredient that elevates the meal to new heights, infusing it with unmatched flavour. What is it? Yes, it's none other than pickles.

We, Indians, love our summers just as much as we love our winters. Though we enjoy eating piping hot chai and pakodas in winter, there's something magical about eating a steaming plate of rice drenched in ghee with the zing of mango pickle in the summer.

Mangoes, revered as the king of fruits, hold a special place in our hearts, especially during the Indian summer. Beyond their succulent, ripe form, mangoes are transformed into delectable pickles. Indian mango pickles, with their diverse regional variations and cherished family recipes, stand as a testament to our rich culinary heritage.

Experience India’s rich mango flavours with Priya Foods' exceptional range of pickles. From the sun-kissed shores of Kerala to the vibrant markets of Gujarat, our selection showcases the finest regional mango pickle traditions, each promising a distinctive and delightful taste adventure.

This Andhra Mango Pickle is lovingly called Avakaya or Avakai or Avakaya Pachadi. This uber-essential version is made with unripe green mangoes and is spicy and robust – just like Andhra cuisine. The word ‘Ava’ refers to mustard seeds, and ‘Kaya’ is for raw fruit or unripe mango here for this pickle. This goes well with all South Indian dishes, but there’s a massive fanbase for Muddhapappu avakaya in India.

Mango pickles

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A rare gem from the coastal region of Anakapalle in Andhra Pradesh, cherished by the "Dravida" Brahmin community. Our traditional process passed down through centuries, combines mangoes, delicate spices, and traditional ingredients to create an authentic, pure, and healthy pickle made with love and care. Pairs perfectly with idli, dosa, upma and every other dish you can think of.
Priya Foods - Mango Jaggery Pickle

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This mango pickle is a delightful blend of sweet and sour mangoes from Gujarati and Maharashtrian recipes. Its irresistible flavour transcends regional boundaries and captivates taste buds far and wide. Enjoy it alongside traditional dishes such as paratha, dhokla, thepla, or khichdi. Authentic in every bite!
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Sweet mango chutney, made from ripe mangoes, offers a luscious texture and tropical sweetness. Traditionally paired with Indian dishes like biryanis and curries, it complements grilled meats, cheese platters, and sandwiches. Whether as a dip, spread, or condiment, its vibrant flavour enhances any culinary experience. Reach for a jar to elevate your next meal with its deliciously sweet and tangy taste.

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Mango pickles always hold a special place in our hearts, especially during the summer. Bursting with the goodness of mangoes, it's like a little jar of sunshine, brimming with flavours. And let's remember its gut-friendly probiotics, working their magic to keep our tummies happy and our digestion smooth, even amidst the heatwaves. But it's not just about nutrition. Something about the tangy-sweet taste just awakens all our senses.

Plus, the fact that we can enjoy the taste of summer's mangoes all year round, thanks to its traditional preservation method, is nothing short of magical. Just remember to enjoy it in moderation, savouring each spoonful with love and gratitude for the simple joys it brings to our summer meals.

Whether reminiscing about childhood summers or discovering new flavourful delights, Priya Foods is here to cover all your summer cravings. Take your taste buds on a journey of mango-infused bliss with our delicious range of mango pickles. Here's to savouring the season’s fruit one tangy bite at a time!