As you step into the quaint village home of your grandparents, the familiar, enticing aromas wafting from the kitchen immediately transport you back in time. The heart of these aromas? Roti Pachadi, a cornerstone of South Indian culinary tradition, particularly in Telugu households. This isn't just a chutney; it's a repository of flavours, health, and memories, stoneground to perfection, preserving the freshness and essence of each ingredient.

Roti Pachadi, traditionally prepared using a mortar and pestle, embodies the culinary ethos of South India. These stoneground chutneys are more than mere accompaniments; they are a celebration of natural, fresh ingredients, ground by hand to retain all their nutrients and flavours. The process of stone grinding generates less heat, ensuring that the spices and vegetables maintain their therapeutic properties and unique taste profiles.

This art of chutney making, a ubiquitous part of kitchens in earlier generations, involved handpicking the freshest of ingredients – be it the juiciest tomatoes, the crispest ridge gourds, the fleshiest brinjals or the most aromatic spices. Each Roti Pachadi tells a story…a story of flavours honed over generations, of recipes handed down as heirlooms, of tastes that bring back a gush of favourite memories.

Imagine the Dosakaaya (Yellow Cucumber) roti pachadi, where the fresh, crunchy cucumbers blend seamlessly with a mix of spices, offering a refreshing burst of flavour with every spoonful. Its health benefits are just as enticing, providing hydration and essential nutrients in a delicious package. Mix it with hot rice drizzled with ghee, and you will be instantly transported to culinary heaven.

Then there's the Vankaaya roti pachadi, where young and tender brinjals mingle with perfectly proportioned spices and herbs to get transformed into a smooth, flavourful chutney. Brinjal, rich in fibre and antioxidants, brings both taste and health to the plate, making every meal a wholesome experience. Its soulmate is a fluffy paratha or bagaara (tempered) rice.

The Sorakaaya (Bottle gourd) roti pachadi is a testament to the ingenuity of traditional Telugu cooking. Known for its digestive properties, bottle gourd chutney is not just light and delicious but also a boon for those watching their diet. Its versatile taste profile makes it a hit pairing with rice or pongal, dosa or upma and hot phulkas or parathas.

Beerakaaya roti pachadi, made from tender Ridge gourd is characterised by a slightly coarse texture that makes it a crunchy favourite of all age groups. This chutney, rich in dietary fibre and vitamin C, is a healthful addition to any meal, offering a typical blend of taste and wellness. Ridge gourd roti pachadi is a go-to accompaniment with hot rice, chapathi and crisp dosas.

In the Tomato Ginger roti pachadi, tangy tomatoes and zesty ginger come together to create a perfectly balanced symphony of flavours. This chutney, enriched with a perfectly proportioned mix od spices and herbs, is not just a treat for the taste buds but also a powerhouse of antioxidants, making it a healthy, flavourful condiment. Though a perfect accompaniment at any breakfast, snack and meal time, the brave of heart can make a Sandwich out of it or explore how it can take the taste quotient of the all-time favourite pani puri many notches higher.

The Tomato Onion roti pachadi is a seamless harmony of sweetness and tang, where the richness of tomatoes meets the sharpness of onions, both packed with vitamins and antioxidants. It's a chutney that complements every dish, making it richer and tastier. Its versatile taste palette makes it not only a perfect addition to traditional items like rice, rotis, idlis, dosas and upma, but also a surprisingly interesting addition to snack favourites such as Kathi rolls and Tava idlis.

As you relish these stoneground chutneys or roti pachadis, you are not just enjoying a meal;you are partaking in a legacy handed down from generations. A legacy that the 40+ years old Priya Foods continues to uphold, preparing roti pachadi in a way that ensures every jar is brimming with the taste of authentic, homemade goodness. Roti pachadis, traditionally not long-standing chutneys, but Priya, with its sophisticated thermal retort technology and hermetic, hygienic packaging weeds out this pain point. Its Roti Pachadi range brings to the table the same freshness as on the day it was prepared, so that it can be relished by Indian cuisine lovers across the globe.

Their commitment to tradition, quality, and taste ensures that with every spoonful of Priya’s roti pachadi, you are experiencing the soul of Telugu cuisine. To relive these timeless flavours, to bring a piece of this culinary heritage to your table, visit