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Priya Premium Whole Wheat is processed out of farm fresh superior quality wheat from Madhya Pradesh. The Chakki Fresh wheat is made out of 100% Atta without any maida. Whether the feel of fresh soft rotis melting in the mouth or sizzling hot puris teasing to be tasted, Priya Whole Wheat has everything in it to make them ready on your table.

High quality has been ensured in every step of process retaining maximum nutritional values.

• The Premium Whole Wheat ensures the rotis are softer for a longtime since the atta can absorb water better
• Good source of fibrehas been ensured that enables easier and faster digestion
• Processed in a modern chakki grinder for perfect balance of colour, taste and nourishment

– Store in a cool, dry hygienic condition & away from strong odour
– Once opened, store in airtight container away from light to keep the contents fresh
– Product is subject to inherited loss of moisture due to climatic condition.

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