Basmati Rice Premium

प्रीमियम बासमती चावल (1kg)

బాస్మతీ రైస్ ప్రీమియం


Basmati Rice from Priya Foods absorbs the enigmatic and timeless aura of the extra-long grain that is the lifeline for the traditional rice eaters in the Northern and upper crest of the Indian Subcontinent. Rich in aroma and procured from verdant soils of the Ganga Valley, Priya Foods Basmati Rice is processed with advanced technology using coloursortex.

The Basmati Rice is packed hygienically and attractively in a laminated film to retain the aroma and enhance the shelf-life.

The bliss of this white wonder is all that is needed for an incredible indulgence with biryani or pulav.

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