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Indian Kitchen Spices (500gm)


India is the fabled land of spices grown in umpteen varieties. From the hilltops to arid lands spices project the vivid picture of Indian agriculture and also lending an eclectic touch to the recipes. Priya spice powders are packaged to offer the ultimate aroma and come in for varieties of ground spices made from the best ingredients.

Priya Pickles (500gms)


Call it the flagship product or favorite for ages, among those who stay away from home as well as the homeland!

Feel the love of your grandmother and grab the affection of your mother wherever you are…ONLY with Priya pickles.

Priya Traditional Powders (500gms)


Beginning the journey with bottled Andhra pickles, Priya Foods today boasts of an array of food products from pickles to commodities, snacks to instant mixes, pastes to powders, all absorbing the essence of Indian taste.

Priya’s Telugu Masalas


Priya Foods presents a unique range of Masalas with Non-Veg & Veg favors drawn from popular recipes of AP & TS & other regions of India.

Ready to Eat – Dals


Nutritious and Tasty, Dals are an ideal choice for a quick evening meal. Dal is one of the primary element of Indian food. The term can be used to mean either an ingredient or the recipe made from it. Priya Foods offers you a super convenient pack of six delicious flavors of Dals. Ideally suitable for a week. Enjoy every evening with our Ready to Eat Dals.

Ready to Eat- Rice Mix Powders


Priya Foods in a way redefined the Indian culinary art, bottled the rich and diverse legacy of the Indian kitchen, and has been delivering the authentic and incredible taste for more than three decades. We bring to you a range of instant rice mix powders to make your meals delicious every time. Bring in variety into your meal, choose Priya’s instant rice mix powders.

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