Quality & Technology


In Priya, Quality Assurance to the consumer is the top most priority. It begins with judging and procuring right quality ingredients from fields, processing in stringent and high standard method with the help of sophisticated machinery by well trained Staff in a plant which is ISO 22,000


Technology – Research & Development

Where technology dishes the best taste

The R&D team at Priya Foods has a battery of specialists drawn from Food Microbiology, Food Science and Technology and Packaging Disciplines, undertakes shelf life studies, organoleptic evaluation and quality control so that the consumers get products of proven merit and assured quality.
Priya Foods also constantly engages most scientific and interactive methods to gain customer feedback and dish out new tastes and brands.

Priya Foods, winning consumer confidence with commitment dedication and high quality deliverance

Technology – Processing and Packaging

Priya Foods deploys international standards and highest degree of aesthetic values in packaging and also processing stages. These practices adhere to global guidelines of health, safety and quality guidelines. The hallmark of these processes is the Product Traceability System (PTS), the most innovative tool that makes use of elaborate online data logging records organized and arranged in accordance with the Batch No. on the final pack. The system enables traceability of the product back to a particular Batch and the individual ingredients that go into the batch.
Priya Foods strives to minimize the use of added artificial preservatives to the irreducible minimum. Our technology and mastery of ingredient knowledge help us utlilize the natural preservative action of the ingredients themselves to enhance and ensure the optimum shelf life of the product.
All our products can be classified into two categories based on the principles of preservation.

Intermediate moisture foods:
The principles of preservation are controlled water activity, low pH, optimum acidity, salt and oil content, and the cumulative preservative effect of natural spices and condiments used.

Low moisture content products:   
The principle of preservation is low moisture content, low water activity, and high solids. 


  • Micro Pulverizers for grinding of spices
  • Fruit and vegetable washing system with Sanitizer
  • Sieves with metal separators
  • Blenders for efficient and uniform mixing
  • Thermic fluid systems for indirect, clean and pollution–free heating
  • Cleaning and sanitizing systems for jars, bottles and other containers
  • Automatic product filling systems using Form-fill-and-sealing machines for packaging
  • Use of metal detectors in preparation and processing lines
  • Material handling systems like hydraulic trolleys, elevators


Technology – Quality Certification
Priya Foods state-of-the-art and most expansive manufacturing facility enjoys ISO 22000: 2005 Certification by Intertek Certification Limited (UKAS Accreditation) & HACCP Certification by Intertek India Private Limited. This certification signifies an assurance to consumers, marketers, regulatory agencies and others regarding the quality and safety of the company’s products, hygiene and sanitation standards adopted by the facility, and their continued reliability.

Technology – Quality Control
With a promise to deliver the Indian kitchen and its aroma across the world, Priya Food always identifies its responsibility towards quality control and management. Be it the right balance of ingredients in the pickles or the crisp touch of snacks or the freshness in the instant mixes, Priya Foods quality stands to be vital in conforming to food safety and standards.

Being a HACCP certified company Priya Foods is backed by a well-qualified team of professionals to ensure the most ideal functioning of pre-production processes, production line and distribution management. From controlling the incoming raw materials, packaging materials, on-line process control to finished product verification, technology and taskmasters are always in action to ensure excellence.

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